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First post

Hallo, I’m Britta and in desperate need for a place to put all the Odds & Ends, the weird bits, that don’t quite fit into any of my other formats. Therefore, I have created this new page for my slightly more bizarre offerings.

Number one. A poem. Why not?

Don’t take life advice from a poet

I left the simplicity of my scarred soul

on your window sill like an unread letter.

I’ll not take it back or even with me

as I move from house to house with heavy feet,

a traveller in fear of all things static.

I do prefer the twisting tangles of the new,

a life yet to be put in voluntary order, organized,

until I’m bored again and leave another letter

on a window sill. A sign, the trace that I

existed here, albeit for a little while.

One morning you’ll wake up to find

new letters, dumped or maybe just forgotten,left.

Bold rays of sunshine bursting through your pane

will keep them fresh and warm all day, to hatch.

It’s under moonlight you will open envelopes,

years later, with your kind heart seeking

truths untold and hopes to hold in scary times,

and you expect to travel with me for a while.

I will not hold your hand, but you will think I do.

For now, I’m off to leave simplicities of a scarred soul

on other people’s window sills, like unread letters from a friend.

Britta Benson


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