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Found & Lost, by Britta Benson

A couple of days ago, I felt limp and low until the very moment dusk set in and suddenly, unexpectedly, changed the sky into a vibrant field of pink carnations, all swirling in the blushing pink sky and my mind dived right in there. This gift of an inspiring sunset made the whole rubbish day worthwhile and lifted my spirit. Here’s my thank you note to the beautiful dusk we had on Saturday evening.

Found & Lost

I find the gung ho whirlwind of my soul

in the swirls of violent pink embers,

the tired penultimate fires of dusk.

One last dance in this rosy glow of

spray carnations, branches, forks

in the sky, a chance to let go of this

cowering day. Fears wax and wane

and I lose my timid self in the soft grey

ripples of the moon. I’m ready, found

and lost and found again. Not even

the luscious dawn can scare me now.

Britta Benson


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