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I made a deal with my self, by Britta Benson

I’m feeling light and sprightly and good today, despite the rain. There’s a rain poem coming up, but first, some light-hearted entertainment. Enjoy!

I made a deal with my self

I made a deal with my self

and it’s a simple one. I do me,

because no one else quite fits

the bill, I am the best, the only

person for this little job. I do me,

that way I don’t need to remember

the lies. There’s plenty wrong with

me, but all my faults are mine alone,

not copied, imitated or assumed

out of easy fear or shyness. I won’t

say ‘yay’ when I know my heart and

soul mean ‘nay’. I can say no and

do it kindly. I do me, and here’s the

clincher: I let you do you, because

you’ll be blooming great at it. Why

don’t we all do us, no excuses.

Britta Benson


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