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Headless, temporarily, by Britta Benson

This week, my creative writing group, The Procrastinators, work with the prompt ‘headless’. I came up with it on a whim, and then thought, that actually, losing your head every once in a while, might be a liberating experience. And also much needed. So much so, that it perhaps should be a regular past time… Especially for overthinkers like me.

Headless, temporarily

I lost my head in a ruthless act of self defence

and felt the benefits immediately. My world

turned dark and upside down in beauty and in

quiet. No more thoughts of ‘am I good enough?’

No more limbo in a state of aches and pains,

profoundly analysing the already overanalysed.

I’m falling headless over heels in love with

what is and who I am, albeit slightly shorter.

The sheer size of my I begins and ends just

where it should, in me, unhurt, and striding

blindly. One day, when I’m ready, I might invite

my head back, with new terms and conditions.

Britta Benson


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