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Breaking, by Britta Benson

It’s been a tiring day, I’ve got my second dose of the Covid vaccine today. I feel a bit groggy and really didn’t fancy writing about needles and diseases, so I stuck with something safe and always welcome, an escape.


I’m an exceedingly good breaker.

Down, not a problem. Open, a tad

more tricky, for I don’t have zips

or trapdoors, got to rip my heart out

the old fashioned way. Breaking in,

as yet untried. It will be hard to

get past my security. Breaking up,

no fun, but sometimes necessary.

Now for the scenic part, the ultimate

pièce de résistance, breaking dawn,

a splendid feast for knotted souls.

And for the truly advanced, the break

of all breaks, how about this one: free.

Britta Benson


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