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Water Falls, by Britta Benson

I took the path to the Fairy Pools today, at the foot of the Black Cuillins. Always a magical experience. I feel a lot happier and lighter now. A lot wetter too. My toes are slowly starting to recover from the cold water. Brilliant, brilliant day. Just what I needed.

Water Falls

The morning mist hides

the Black Cuillins

like a well kept secret.

I follow the gravel path

to the Fairy Pools.

My feet are in them

before my head gets

the chance to object

and spoil the magic.

Toes wiggle free and

the cold crystal blue

takes away all shapes.

Broken lines heal

the blemishes and

imperfections of

dull and sober years.

Suddenly submersed,

I’m young and whole

under the surface.

The sun burns away

the last remaining clouds

to reveal the dark mountains.

Cottongrass and dragonflies

dance in the gentle breeze

and I see my mermaid’s tail

shimmer for the fraction

of a precious second,

reflecting the entire universe

as water falls.

Britta Benson


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