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I travel light, by Britta Benson

Today’s poem goes hand in hand with my other blog, ‘Britta’s Blog – Letters from Scotland’, my daily piece of prose writing. I’ve been kept awake by my restless heart lately and I’m trying to work out how to satisfy this wanderlust. There’s this picture in my head of my heart, sitting on a tiny red suitcase, impatiently checking its watch as it stares at me and keeps tapping its toes, telling me in no uncertain terms to get a move on. Not entirely sure what to do about that. In the meantime, though, here’s a travel inspired poem.

I travel light

I travel light,

don’t need much,

just my heart,

a toothbrush

and clean underpants,

one does have standards,

after all.

I have worlds in my head,

in my fingertips

and on my lips,

the company of friends

I haven’t met

or lines memorized

from old favourites.

I’m equally on route

and at my destination,

home and abroad,

it’s always the same,

we can only truly settle

within the borders

of our selves.

I travel light,


my heart needs to step,

dance and run

until I hear the drum

of my soul.


my toothbrush

and clean underpants

don’t need quite

as much exercise.

We’re all travellers,

words, lost and found,

unwanted baggage

or somebody’s treasure.


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