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I come from, by Britta Benson

Sometimes, I am overwhelmed by a feeling of optimism and I can’t even say where it came from. Today is one of those days, so here’s my slice of positivity. Enjoy.

I come from

I come from peace and solitude, strength and resilience, ever so slightly aspirational.

I come from birdsong, the winds in the poplar tree and the sound of a garden stretching, waking up.

I come from endless summer, endless winter, endless everthing for I am fully present, here and now.

I come from fairytales, the oldest songs and bedtime stories, read until the tide comes in.

I come from family connection and a dinner table that could seat and feed the universe with love.

I come from the bright tranquility of mountain tops and the deepest darkest silence of woodlands.

I come from grief and joy, the inexplicables of life, loss and longing, tipping, tilting me, always.

I come from milky cups of tea, the smell of cinnamon and enriched yeasted dough, home.

I come from the patience of a rising sun and board games played together.

I come from a colourful autumn, with a glimpse of the softest spring and the promise of tomorrow.


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