Tuning into the day, by Britta Benson

Today’s poem was inspired by Brian Vos’s Weekly Poetry Prompt, https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/107936767/posts/3825208952. This week, the challenge was to write a poem consisting of paired opposites. I thought about the challenge for a couple of days and then came up with this little piece. Enjoy!

Tuning into the day

Feet on the ground.

Feet on branches, fence posts, roof top tiles, the lawn, the muddy puddle, the overturned bucket, the rim of the backgarden basketball hoop, next door’s swing, the sand pit, camping table, the cracked flower pot.

Eyes out the window.

Eyes up to the sky, then left, right, left, down to the worm, the seed, the pond full of duck weed, to the shrivelled chip that fell into the gutter days ago, towards the 6ft connifers tweeting with commotion.

I switch on the light, darkness prevails.

They simply keep singing their jovial tunes into this blackest of mornings, wishing, wanting, perhaps even warning, all with a hum, a cry, the call of a cheerful chirp, a chant, a warble, crooning, chiming, serenading colour, warmth and beauty I cannot see.

Dawn instills hope, drop by drop, a very slow feeder.

A robin chirrups, cheeps, responding to my need of other.

Fair to middling, I answer.

He’s long gone.

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