Karma Bank Rules, by Britta Benson

Just a wee fun one, today, the result of an Expressive Writing Workshop I attended, led by Michelle Berberet, and inspired by Sonia Sanchez’s poem ‘Sonku (what i want)’. We’re always full of wants and wishes. Here’s my little take on wanting.

Karma Bank Rules

Hey, hey,

this is how life works.

It’s an invisible Karma Bank

with a memory like an elephant,

or was it a sieve? A goldfish?

Does it matter?

So what are you willing to invest?

Here’s the deal.

You can only hope to withdraw

what you’re willing to put in,

on the line,

upfront, without guarantees,

pretty please.

Hey, hey,

it’s not all bad.

Give, before you want

and let life surprise you.

You’ve heard about compound interest,

haven’t you?

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