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De profundis, by Britta Benson

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This poem is a direct response to Brian Vos’s Weekly Poetry Prompt, I have only come across his website a few weeks ago, but I’m hooked. Come Friday, I’m ready for whatever prompt there is. This week’s challenge: a title that delivers. I hope I’ve done it justice. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Took me back, well, you’ll see.

De profundis

And I kid you not,
that’s the kind of meat
I chopped and chomped
when I was sixteen, seventeen,
red raw with angersome angst.

Knew it all, of course I did.
Everything there was to know,
the deepest, darkest truths,
I had them covered, me, me, me,
the only soul who’d ever gone that deep.

Decades came, decades went,
and I learned to ask better questions
instead of lecturing quick fix answers.
Discovered the joy of the journey,
of not knowing and never arriving.

I leave the meat cleaver alone now.
I don’t chop words into solutions,
don’t shove them into the thick skin
of yet another ‘De profundis’ any more.
The world doesn’t need to be preached.

What can I offer?
The travel journal of my soul.
Sometimes deep, sometimes shallow.
Always playful, curious, accident prone.
Wanna come?

7 thoughts on “De profundis, by Britta Benson

  1. I too have responded to some of Brian’s prompts. I like prompts that are completely open ended. I don’t mind thinking of how I’m going to write my response. Just let me wander around anywhere I please.

    OH, I had to google De profundis. lol See how useful your post was?

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    1. What can I say, I was quite the annoying smarty pants when I was young. Sixteen, going on 105. Thought I knew it all, the only soul who ever would… Didn’t have a lot of fun, though. I’m much happier in my older years. Not knowing is a skill! Thanks for reading and commenting. Much appreciated.

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  2. Full disclosure, I too had to look up the definition of your title before reading the rest of your post. It definitely delivered! I remember the days when I knew everything, they were a joy, and, I’m glad I’ve also learned how much I really don’t know. I’m also glad to have found this travel journal of your soul, thanks for sharing it.

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    1. Thanks, ‘revivedwriter’. Being Catholic obviously prepared you quite well for your poetic endeavours! Thanks for reading and commenting. Much appreciated.


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