Mannequin, by Britta Benson

Picture credit: Ruth Holloway

Another Saturday and another Weekend Writing Prompt Challenge by Sammi Cox. This week, the prompt is ‘Mannequin’, 85 words, not a single one more or less.

When I read the prompt I instantly thought of Amber. She’s the beauty on the picture. A friend of mine bought her years ago and she lives in her bedroom. Not in a weird way. My friend designs fashion and therefore has a very valid reason to ‘live’ with a mannequin.

Here’s my contribution, inspired by Sammi’s prompt and Amber:


Her name is Amber.

Expertly sculpted pefection,

her body never changes,

only her clothes acknowledge seasons.

Her pale skin smooth,

if a little hard and cold to the touch,

but will you look at that belly!

Flattest flat. No hormonal bloat.

She enjoys svelte, youthful constance.

No scars, no stretchmarks.

No nonsense. I’m green.

Wouldn’t know where to begin.

My rough puff outers

many shades of old,

crumbling, expanding.

My name is Britta.

Expertly flawed imperfection,

my wonderfully weathered,

windswept soul gives

most marvelous hugs.

6 thoughts on “Mannequin, by Britta Benson

    1. Thanks, Terveen. Well, you’ve seen the picture on my blog a week ago… me in my wind and weatherproof gear. Soft southern souls need to be well protected, cosy and warm…


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