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New, by Britta Benson

Picture credit: Graham Benson

New dawn. 
New adventures.
Departures. Change.
Starting over, perhaps?

I want new.
I don’t want new.
Bit of a conundrum. 
What do I want? 
New, but not too scary. 
Not too boring either.
Moderately exciting?

I’m hard to please, when it comes to new.
It was a different story twenty years ago.
I couldn’t get enough of new back then.
The bigger, the bolder, the better.
I shouted: Give me new by the bucketload.
Somehow, new heard this, 
came, stayed, changed,
and I liked the upheaval.

Now I’m a bit more hesitant.
I’d like a spoonful of new. 
Half a cup. Not too much.
Still crave it, though. 
My soul loves the rollercoaster
even if it sends my head spinning.

I guess, I’ll always love new.
I just take a little longer
to welcome it now.

This poem is my response to ‘The Procrastinators’ Sunday Writing Prompts.


3 thoughts on “New, by Britta Benson

    1. Oh, Terveen, wouldn’t it be nice if we could decide ourselves how much new we want, when we would like it and at what speed! Or if ‘new’ had at least a pause button? I do like ‘old’ too. Should probably write a poem about that. And for a third one, how about even older? Just kidding.

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