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Deep water poetess, by Britta Benson

Picture credit: Britta Benson. North Berwick beach, Scotland

This poem is my response to Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt:

This week’s prompt is ‘Rune’, in 96 words. I went for a walk on one of my favourite beaches today in North Berwick and looking at the wet sand, I saw all the little marks, dips, crevasses left by the sea, constantly changing. That made me think of the ‘Rune’ prompt. Perhaps the sea is telling her story in the sand and we are invited to read, join in by leaving footprints, create a tale together…

Deep water poetess

The sea, grandmother of all stories, writes her journal in the cold, wet sand twice a day. 

Her breaking news, constantly updated. 

Fidgety white fingers bring up secrets from furthest blue to darkest black. 

She lays them out flat. 

Curls, swirls, licks rocks. 

There’s no stopping her in her boldest flow.

She pours out her many hearts, leaving messages, signs and symbols, runes and patterns on this beach, to whom it may concern. 

We’re invited to read. 

Help with details from our own experience. 

Paws and bootprints complete the scene, add footnotes, annotate. 


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