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Am I home yet? by Britta Benson

Picture credit: Britta Benson

I wrote this poem today in response to Brian Vos’s weekly poetry prompt ( This week: Disturbing – Not disturbed. Here’s the link:

Not sure if I stuck to the script, but this is what the prompts inspired.

Am I home yet?

My camping chair follows the sun,
heliotropes, we,
orientation for beginners.
Front garden, back,
this should feel easy,
Am I home yet?

I channel what cannot be mine
to plug gaps. 
I fill holes,
always a borrower,
waiting in amongst the daffodils,
my nose tickled west.
Am I home yet?

Beginnings and endings, 
cheek to cheek,
the upright supporting the knotted,
gnarled tangles of yesterdays,
juicy greens cover last year’s leaves,
sticks and skeletons.
Am I home yet?

How far can heartstrings stretch?
I watch vapour trails 
in bluest March skies.
People trying to get to
where they’ll never belong.
Moss on paving slabs. Welcome.
Am I home yet? 

My camping chair follows the sun
as I wait for my moment,
the journey. 
Winds play with me,
blow their secrets into my ear.
I stare at your face in the distance.
Am I home yet?


6 thoughts on “Am I home yet? by Britta Benson

    1. You sensed absolutely right! Thank you for the prompt, even if I have gone a little off piste. I like your open prompts, different from the usual prompt words. I also like to travel wherever the prompt takes me, even if I head off on a detour.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually had to put on sun tan lotion today. My skin is milk blue right now, hasn’t seen the sun in a good long while, so I’ve got to be careful. It was almost warm today. Okay, so it was also blowing a hoolie, but hey ho, the sun was out!

      Liked by 1 person

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