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Where the mind dwells, by Britta Benson

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Here is my response to Brian Vos’ Weekly Writing Prompt ( Theme this week: Where the mind dwells. (

My mind often dwells on words. Random words I simply like the sound of. So here are four of my favourite words along with little musings of my mind… Enjoy!

Where the mind dwells

Cashew. More of a sneeze than a nut. A white, wizened kidney – would you believe it? Not a looker by any stretch, but tasty.

Thus. A blue word. Dark, and almost the colour of midnight. None of that sky, royal, let alone turquoise wussy malarky!

Spaghetti. Please, savour each syllable, as though it’s the last thing you’ll ever say. Allow rich tomato sauce to drip from the substance like lazy sunshine. Make a mess. Life’s meant to be fun.

Rucksack. No nonsense. A pack for your back – invented by Bavarian mountaineers with calf muscles as wide as the universe. No Umlaut here, that’s for soft, scrawny Northerners. 

4 thoughts on “Where the mind dwells, by Britta Benson

    1. Thanks so much, Brian. I loved responding to your prompt. Wouldn’t want to know what a psychologist makes of my mind… From cashew nuts to thus, spaghetti and a rucksack. Hmmm. Seemed logical to me…

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