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Time, a collective poem

Picture credit: Andrew Benson

David,, chose my poem ‘Decision Time’ as prompt poem for this week’s W3 challenge. As a result, many supremely talented poets have used my poem and my guideline – to write a response of up to ten lines about the theme of time – as inspiration.

Here’s the link to David’s post, where you can read all the response poems in full:

I have enjoyed reading the responses so much, that I wanted to say ‘Thank you’, thank you so much, to all the participants. Over the past few days I have wondered about how I could express my gratitude… Then, I had an idea. Poetic, of course.

I have produced a found poem choosing one sentence of each of the responses to create a new ‘time piece’.

You’ll find the name of the author in brackets at the end of each line. This has been a wonderful experience and I have learned so much, most of all, I have learned that there are amazing poets out there all across the world, creating the most beautiful magic. A rather humbling, but hugely inspiring experience!

Thank you!

a poem by 19 writers
found by Britta Benson
as a way to say ‘Thank you’

Now you’re older and wiser (Lauren Swanberg – LSS Attitude of Gratitude)
Unheeded by demands (A J Wilson, poetisatinta)
Like salt and butter and regret (The Richard Braxton)
A remembrance that once upon a time there was a young beautiful “me” (Michnavs)

In the clocks they track me (Brigid Faye)

Time flows backwards in this house of memory (Paula Light and Light Motifs II)
Know what you know, it seems to say (Marion Horton, Writing Whatnots)
Trills of birds, spliced with traffic horns (Sarah David, Words and Coffee Writing)
Trying to circumvent the rotating orb (Radhika, radhikasreflection)
Will not standstill, frenemy (Punam, paeansunplugged)

Let us sit here and sing: (Aditi, Librocubicularist soul)
A thousand gone summers (Steven Wallace, nostigmata)
Silent abyss-eyes consume light (David, The Skeptic’s Kaddish)
Warm water, flowing from the faucet (Nobe’s Globe)
Linear – of course not (Kerfe, kblog)
Spheres align, blending joy with fear (Donna, Half Baked Log)

Pen trying oft to write purpose (Kunjal, Duo Disseminators)
The old friend’s secrets (Khushi, Duo Disseminators)
Waiting to be passed on to the next of kin (Harshi)


13 thoughts on “Time, a collective poem

    1. Thanks, Peter. I was so amazed by the quality of the pieces… It’s quite humbling reading other poets’ work, also impossible to judge, but I had to pick a ‘winner’, well, a ‘next poet of the week’.

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  1. Dear Britta, this is so so beautiful and thoughtful of you! ❣️

    Dear David, when we set out to do something good, wonderful things happen. Look at all the happy vibes that are being spread. Thank you for the experience and thanks for introducing us to Britta. 🤗❤️

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  2. Reblogged this on Reflections and commented:
    The Poet of the week – PoW did an amazing thing! She knitted a fresh poem, taking lines from every poem which was submitted for the challenge. That way, everyone was a winner!

    She concluded by taking the last line of my poem. Hope you enjoy this collective poem by 19 poets!

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    1. Thanks for reblogging this poem. And yes, I truly consider everyone who took part a winner. All of the poems were amazing. Such creativity, it’s always humbling to read other poets’ work. I strongly believe we are all meant to be creative and share from the heart. The one thing I didn’t particularly like about being poet of the week was that I had to pick one winner. I am glad you liked the collective poem. My way of honouring all of the amazing contributors. Thanks so much for taking part, Harshi, and for your beautiful words. 💜

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