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Family, by Britta Benson

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This is my take on this week’s W3 prompt. The challenge: write a poem with a monorhyme (either the first or last word of each line) in response to Murisopsis poem ‘Finding a voice’. Here’s the link to David’s blog for the full details:

Somehow, I ended up writing about family. Here goes.


Hopscotch gatherings of twice removed ties,

stubborn hearts strung, as the drunken crow flies.

Comings and goings, swift handshakes, goodbyes,

we harbour ghosts, truth, iridescent lies.

Hope never tires, surprise never dies.

Tidied mess? Work in progress? Compromise?

Hub of kindness, chances, crunch hugs and cries.

You’re welcome, want it or not, we’re the prize!


13 thoughts on “Family, by Britta Benson

  1. Wow!

    Somehow, I missed the title when I first read this, and I still knew immediately what your poem was about – you really captured “family” in this piece, Britta! So well done!


    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks, David. I liked the challenge. I’m not much of a ‘rhymer’, so monorhyme felt slightly odd, awkward and so not me, still somehow trusted and familiar at the same time… and I guess, that got me to the theme of family.


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