Life sings from tall conifers, by Britta Benson

Photo by Arvind shakya on

Here’s a little scene from my garden today. It’s not exactly a glorious summer. Still, life sings…

Life sings from tall conifers

In my tiny garden, perched on a camping chair,

notepad in my lap, eyes closed, ears pricked,

hoping to find the perfect notation for nature’s breath.

Feel a slight nip in the ripple of the wind,

neither bite nor bark, a little chill, just a fluty verse.

Hear confident chirps and burps of non stop birds.

And then, that bunch of magpies, warble, warble,

yes, of course, those loud, chattering hooligans.

At it again, rattling, prattling, chiff chaff riff raff!

Can they never agree on anything? I’m pining here!

Sunlight spills across my world like a clumsy inkblot,

the shock of sudden summer brings the brink of silence

before proud magpies yak, yak, yak at each other again.

This is the higgledy piggledy full on cacophony

of my late June afternoon, as life sings from tall conifers.

3 thoughts on “Life sings from tall conifers, by Britta Benson

    1. Absolutely… If only they could get some peace from the magpies. There’s a mischief of magpies in my area and they really behave like very noisy thugs. Can you get an ASBO for birds???

      Liked by 1 person

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