Lake, by Britta Benson

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I’ve never written a lanturne. This is a first. I came across a challenge on Word Craft Poetry and couldn’t resist. Here’s the link to the full blog post:

Initially, I struggled with a theme. Then, I thought, hey, I’m swimming in a lake every day, so why not use that? So without any further ado, here’s my very first lanturne. ta-da!


swim, swam,
cool, close, near,
body stretches.

of mermaids, ducks.

Blink, sink, feel.
Water carries

30 thoughts on “Lake, by Britta Benson

    1. Thanks, Sarah. I think I quite like the lanturne form. I’m still fairly new to syllabic poetry. I liked your first lanturne a lot, especially the way you weave family memories into your poem, nicely done!

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      1. I’m not suggesting or requesting that you do this. But on my site there is a Categories Drop-down. Lanturne Poetry is listed there if you wanted to read some of mine. No better. No worse that anyone elses.

        I understand wanting to try new types. I did a lot of exploring about six years ago. Lazy now. 😦

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      2. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Had a wee look at your lanturne poetry list. Your blog is much more organized than mine! I like your lanturne poetry. I realized, that I read some of them before and ‘liked’ them, without paying much attention to the form.

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      3. If only I were as organized in my household affairs. 🙂
        I had blogged for years and stopped in 2016. Came back in 2020 and knew I needed to keep track of what I did and when I did it. And where I could I find it – if I wanted to. Crazy I know.

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    1. Thanks, D.L. Finn, for reading and commenting. Right now, the lake here is great for swimming and I cool down with a swim every day. Still waiting to get my mermaid’s tail, though…


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