The tenacity of centenarians

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I love cacti. Tonight I attended a cacti-themed nature writing workshop lead by Lizzie Elliot from Seawyld (, and here’s the poem I wrote.

Cacti are wonderful creatures. They deserve a good few poems written about them.

The tenacity of centenarians

You snatch your angel’s share from mists and time, 
borrow moisture from the wind, fresh memories, 
the sustenance of weatherworn dreamers. 

Each droplet lasts your undemanding soul for months, 
you keep true treasures safe, provide your own shade. 
Your spines, leaves that are not. 

Full of lumps and bumps honouring pasts, 
that made you stubborn, spikey, tall, 
you thrive with the tenacity of centenarians. 

2 thoughts on “The tenacity of centenarians

    1. Absolutely. I love cacti. I’ve got a nice, prickly collection in my house. I think they make my home look very inviting… Such marvelous plants. They simply are. Never ask for much, and when I least expect it – ta-daaaaa, a flower!

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