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Stillness, by Britta Benson

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Here’s my response to Brian Vos’ Weekly Poetry Prompt. Theme this week: Stillness. You can read his full blog post here:

I like responding to prompts. Sometimes, it’s an organic process that takes a while to get to where it needs to go. Other times, a poem simply manifests, hey presto, and becomes fully functional in a few moderate edits. ‘Stillness’ is the latter kind. Of course it is. Stillness has a way of working things out, without us even noticing…


Sky without cloud,
cloud without sky.
Stress fractures, resting.
Patience to my stillness.

Blood connecting tips to toes,
picking up one thing, 
delivering another.
Warmth to my stillness.

Willful heart, a hammer,
not so still at all.
Sound of my breath, tidal.
Rhythm to my stillness.

Strands of self mend, 
beginnings end 
and endings begin.
Healing to my stillness.

I become beat, 
I become flow, 
I become still, not so still.


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