Clouds, by Britta Benson

Picture credit: Britta Benson. Clouds. But I guess, you already know that….

Just a silly wee one. My quest today: Find out if one can stare into the sky for too long. I’ll leave the judgement up to you.


Clouds travel like pros.
No baggage, just water.
Always, keep hydrated.

Clouds seek no one’s approval.
Do their thing.
Sometimes subtle,
pointillist blots, 
scattered in the most dotty patterns,
then, full on apocalypse now,
a threatening mass,
almost solid, 
in gunmetal grey.

When they reach the end of their journey,
spent, all said and done, 
they simply disperse,
leaving nothing
but blue sky and smiles.
What a nice and light way to go.

4 thoughts on “Clouds, by Britta Benson

    1. My husband has all the meteorological terminology and I do like these words. I mean, hey, who doesn’t like a ‘cirrus’??? Today, however, I felt the need for fluffier words. Thanks for reading and commenting, Margaret. Much appreciated.


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