What if, by Britta Benson

Picture credit: Britta Benson.

I went to the British Museum today. In it, lots of artefacts and pieces that were ‘acquired’, stolen, a long time ago, and never returned. Like the Hoa Hakananai’a figure from the Easter Island you can see in the picture.

What if

What if you’re put

where you don’t belong?



got no choice

in your stoicism.

8 thoughts on “What if, by Britta Benson

  1. A difficult one this! Where, for example, should the Dead Sea Scrolls be held? Should the Buddhas of Bamiyan have been removed to another country? I have no answers but know, for sure, that the British have done a lot of terrible things in the past, as have other countries, often “for the common good!”

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    1. I know, there is no easy answer to this question. I did feel somehow sad for that Easter Island sculpture, totally out of place. Once my son had made his comment, I noticed just how many of the artefacts in the museum had backstories of what can only be described as theft.

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