Wind, by Britta Benson

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Here’s my response to Rebecca’s Poetry Challenge on ( Theme this month: Wind, using the literary device of anaphora, all in eight lines.

I struggled with the challenge… until I read another blogpost, by Margaret, completely unrelated, about travel on buses, planes, boats, cars and trains ( In it, she wrote the line ‘Car travel gives you the opportunity to please yourselves and follow your noses’. That inspired me. The concept of following your nose. And I thought, that’s exactly what the wind does, isn’t it?

I started writing straight away. Who doesn’t like a little serendipity, or blog to blog inspiration! So, thanks, Margaret! Here’s my wind poem.


You will not be trapped in your head!

You follow your nose, willing to start, you

fill worlds with your squall, gusts of wisdom,

spill foolishness, self. You will not be trapped.

You spread to the Antipodes, beyond, nimbly

untangle your thoughts, change direction, tickle.

You will not be trapped in your head:

You start, wreck havoc. You follow your nose.

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