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My favourite textures, by Britta Benson

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Thinking about textures… Here’s two I like a lot.

My favourite textures

A crunch,
a crest,
unexpected tang,
surprise in surplus,
apprehension, almost.

That apple, 
waxy, green,
nearly took a tooth out,
unripe resistance, 
then pleasure,
sharp, juicy, tart,
texture cutting through tastebuds.

That wave,
sheer stubbornness on the run, 
determined to tickle,
when the sea was supposed to be calm,
there’s always a naughty one, 
texture misbehaving, melting on my soul.

The best textures don’t hang around for long.

What’s your favourite texture?

7 thoughts on “My favourite textures, by Britta Benson

    1. ‘Soft, downy, comforting’ is a fabulous texture and yes, on a cold, grey morning, it’s the best possible environment! Totally agree with you there, Margaret! I am currently in soft fleecy, fluffy slipper socks and I am enjoying this texture very, very much. Thanks for reading and commenting. Much appreciated.


    1. That’s very interesting, Terveen. Sweet and sour, also soft with just the right crunch added – your description of your favourite tastes could also apply to your writing! You do sweet and sour very well and the soft bits of your stories always have an unexpected crunch!

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