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First fall, by Britta Benson

Photo by Eva Bronzini on

Here’s my response to Eugenia’s image and monoku (

A monoku? She explains it all on her blog, so please visit. While I had heard of monoku before, I had never written one. Until yesterday.

Here goes. My autumn monoku. Reading time… two seconds?

First fall

tired of high maintenance green, tree comes up with a shock solution.


16 thoughts on “First fall, by Britta Benson

    1. Oh, I hope there’s no poetry police out there… otherwise I’ll be locked up to. I simply like trying forms out, and I’m particularly fascinated by the short forms – as I do have a tendency to ramble on… and on… and on…


    1. Please do try, Margaret. It’s just a bit of fun. I would love to read your autumn monoku. No idea if I did it right, it’s my first one, so you may want to look up the official explanation and not take my word for it. I’m just experimenting.

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      1. Experimenting’s good. It’s what I’m doing now as I fashion Tier Three of my daughter’s allegedly ‘fun’ wedding cake. I know we women are supposed to be able to multi-task, but I have reached my limit here …

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      2. Oh, that sounds challenging… a wedding cake! No pressure… The things we do for love. I’m sure it will look fabulous and that your daughter will be proud as punch that her mummy made the cake! After tier three, anything in the poetry realm will feel easy peasy, Margaret.

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