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Morning routine, by Britta Benson

This poem was inspired by this week’s Tanka Tuesday challenge to write a senryū poem, or a series of senryū. You can find the full guidelines and explanations/examples here:

Here goes:

Morning routine

Heating on full blast,
sleepy fingers start to itch,
seek warmth from pages.

Dawn, reluctant awe,
accompanies my journey,
not quite linear.

Fresh memories fall
at will, at ease, on paper.
Daylight peeks through glass.

All secrets open.
In my book of joy: regret.
Souls explore suns, space.

Time curls, drags, unfurls,
then ventures on detours, spills.
A story unfolds.

22 thoughts on “Morning routine, by Britta Benson

    1. Thank you so much, Colleen, and thanks for the prompt. I do know the difference between senryu and haiku, but I’m not a purist. I understand people feel quite strongly about these forms. I only dabble a little in syllabic poetry. Trying to learn, getting the hang of it. I find traditional haiku challenging, but also, when done well, a thing of precise seasonal beauty.

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      1. Britta, I agree with everything you said. Several years ago, I had a poet get upset with me because he said I was teaching people how to write grade-school haiku and senryu. I had shared one of his posts, and he was so upset I had to delete it!! He didn’t want his work on a site that didn’t teach syllabic poetry correctly! That kind of opened my eyes to explore the forms in greater detail. That’s how I got hooked. The Japanese forms are beautiful when written with the traditional rules. According to my research, almost all poetry forms have rules. I know many people like to be rebels. That’s great. I love creativity… but even when we create a form; we add rules. Otherwise, it would just be freestyle poetry. If you submit your work to journals and contests, you will want to know how to write these forms correctly. I know I do. I’m glad you’re having fun and experimenting with the forms. 🧡

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  1. seek warmth from pages.

    WOW, Britta – WOW!

    Could I share this series of senryu as a REBLOG instead of the other poem? Actually, now I can’t make up my mind… your verses are so good! ❤


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