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Seize the day, by Britta Benson

Picture credit: Britta Benson

Here’s my response to this week’s W3 poetry challenge. The guideline, set by Denise DeVries: Use a random word or first line generator as inspiration for your poem. You can find the full guidelines and Denise’s prompt poem here:

So, I did just that. I used a random word generator, set it at 6 words, an equally random decision, and took a picture of the words it spat out. Here’s what I made of them:

Seize the day

seize the day, 
if you please,
and forgive my concerns
regarding your eager search for purpose. 
I need a minimum of eight hours sleep!
Am not available, at 4am.

I admire your rigour.
And then, I roll over.
I have a dream waiting for me.

So, yes,
seize the day,
if you please,
and forgive my lie-ins,
my slow coach approach
to life and love.

My body and soul,
not a workout regime,
nor a catch as you can,
more of a kind coalition,
discussing, deliberating,
over a nice cup of tea.

I’ll seize the day,
when I’m ready,
when it wants to be seized.

go ahead.
I’ll catch up with you later.


34 thoughts on “Seize the day, by Britta Benson

  1. I have been so busy today that even though I have “write a AI prompt poem” on my list of things to do, I haven’t managed to write a single word. My art show set up is in 11 days and I’m still trying to get things together! Your poem is so good – I like your approach.

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    1. Thanks, Margaret. I do like restrictive challenges. In a very weird way, I think the more restrictions, the easier it gets. I take part in the W3 poetry challenge every week, whatever guidelines they throw at me. Sometimes, I’m pleased with the result, other times, not so much so. This one, I like.


    1. Oh, absolutely! We should always stop for a nice cup of tea before continuing with our rage. And, perhaps, there’s also time for a teensy weensy bit of cake? Just wondering…


      1. Mmm yes. A sweet bit of cake, or perhaps a biscuit (cookie) that melts in the mouth. Then, back to rage ha ha ha ha oh yeah it’s a date. Brisk and sweet at the same time.


    1. Thanks, Ken. Much appreciated. I’m in awe of the early morning run variety of humans! My bones always need quite a bit of time and yoga before they grudgingly agree to slot into the right position.

      Liked by 1 person

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