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Waldmueller, or: Loss of detail

Now that NaPoWriMo has come to an end, I can enjoy my ‘usual’ prompt routine. TankaTuesday is one of my regular stops for inspiration and I particularly enjoy Colleen’s ekphrastic prompts. Click here to see this week’s Waldmueller painting and read the full prompt description:

Waldmueller, famous for painting the detail of details, to the point of depicting the veins on the leaves, and, when it comes to trees, painting all the leaves, not a single one missed or only hinted at, oh no, no can do! I always get lost in the details of his paintings and forget about ‘the big picture’.

I chose a Shadorma poem to write about the painting ‘The Expected One’. A poem about how ‘lost in detail’ becomes ‘loss of detail’.

Waldmueller, or: Loss of detail

Each thin leaf,
manifest. His skill
catches all…
Not at all!
Brushstrokes miss hole in her soul,
that clearly says: No!

25 thoughts on “Waldmueller, or: Loss of detail

    1. When you stand in front of one of his paintings, you really appreciate the amount of detail – and while I recognize the artistic skill, I find it very distracting. Too much detail for my liking, but hey ho, I’ve always been an impressionist by heart…

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    1. I was thinking the same thing, Colleen! The boy does look like he’s about to make a fool of himself. I can’t really see her being into him… Would love to listen to the exchange. And I totally ‘see’ the smartphone in her hands! Had to laugh out loud. Perhaps the guy needs to ‘tech up’. She’s clearly on Tinder, swiping away…

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