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distance, by Britta Benson

Another one of my ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’ blackout poems. Fifty more to go, and then I’ll have completed my project! distance distance the secret of presence life, aware of the risks involved, promised everything, but everything was left for later fear, a hurried, problematic thought, forgot forgot even the past, the anguishContinue reading “distance, by Britta Benson”

comfortable love, by Britta Benson

Another one of blackout poems from ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’. I’m over halfway through the book by now and I am totally in love with this project. If I continue at this pace, I might be done by the end of February/middle of March. Today’s pick, a little uncomfortable poem about comfortable love.Continue reading “comfortable love, by Britta Benson”

to know, by Britta Benson

I normally don’t do this. Post the same content on ‘Britta’s Blog – Letters from Scotland’ and ‘Odds & Ends’. This little poem, though, deserves another outing. Here goes: to know to know when to mock ‘must’, to imagine life with joy, to love the eternal rain and sum up bliss

at dusk, by Britta Benson

More blackout poetry. I’m a woman with a mission. I’m ploughing my way through ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’. This one, I did yesterday. at dusk love poetry recited from memory about to crumble into dust love wrapped in want that very last moment arrived early

no alternative, by Britta Benson

Ya. Another one of my blackout poems from my ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’ project. I’m having fun. It’s the perfect activity for a rather nondescript January. Still finding my footing in this year, 2023. No rush. no alternative lost in the void, delighted, delighted by delight, the intimacy of life to laugh, afterContinue reading “no alternative, by Britta Benson”

that incurable addiction to serenade, by Britta Benson

Yet another blackout poem from my ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’ project. I love the title! I love the process. And I love the result. Here goes, ‘that incurable addiction to serenade’: that incurable addiction to serenade love tasted pleasure in other dreams unequal pieces awoke, asked permission to request simplicity and rage soContinue reading “that incurable addiction to serenade, by Britta Benson”