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Preparation, by Britta Benson

I follow the Naturalist Weekly and love learning about the micro seasons ( We are currently in the micro season of daffodil flowers. At first, that sounded quite bizarre to me. It’s past mid November. Certainly no daffodils here in Scotland. Then, of course, I realized, that that wasn’t strictly true. Here’s my haibun aboutContinue reading “Preparation, by Britta Benson”


Am I home yet? by Britta Benson

I wrote this poem today in response to Brian Vos’s weekly poetry prompt ( This week: Disturbing – Not disturbed. Here’s the link: Not sure if I stuck to the script, but this is what the prompts inspired. Am I home yet? My camping chair follows the sun, heliotropes, we, orientation for beginners. FrontContinue reading “Am I home yet? by Britta Benson”