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Curtain call, by Britta Benson

Bit of a short offering, today. A little life poem. All summed up nicely in a few lines. Hey presto! Curtain call I think so blue, I live red, black, red, my heart, still green, my soul a shred, a shard, the jawbone of a whale, the end of a rainbow’s beginning, a weaving, aContinue reading “Curtain call, by Britta Benson”


Imagine, by Britta Benson

The poem today started off as an explanation why I didn’t like getting my picture taken when I was younger and why I totally don’t mind it now, that I’m older. Life has a way of explaining things sooner or later. I am definitely enjoying being at the receiving end of explanations. A lot ofContinue reading “Imagine, by Britta Benson”

Thunder, by Britta Benson

Thunder I hacked deep, cut cancers out clean to get rid of the fear and extinguish the last lightning spark, stop the clanking of want in my soul for a moment’s peace. All went quiet, but then, the wind dragged scraps and splinters back in through the letterbox, a cat flap, gaps in my heart.Continue reading “Thunder, by Britta Benson”

If the sea you have, by Britta Benson

Here’s a poem in three haiku I have written for my husband, a seasoned sailor. If the see you have If the sea you have, a gushing feast, rollicking, unruly and swift, a hiss, cold salt froth, ease and rush over darkness, with sultry cackles, if the sea you have, rocking, rolling, all in you,Continue reading “If the sea you have, by Britta Benson”

He said, she said, by Britta Benson

I’m experimenting with poetry every day, something I can only recommend as your daily pick-me-up. Far healthier than anything else on the market and also completely free. Right now, I’m fascinated with writing little stories in the shape of poems. Here’s a classic: he said, she said, but with my twist. He said, she saidContinue reading “He said, she said, by Britta Benson”

Beginnings, by Britta Benson

Beginnings The morning sun rises boldly through cold doubtful clouds with the fairytale shimmer of confident curiosity. All will be well in suspended disbelief. I still rage at the night, paths lost in passing frights as we connect and fall freely into new journeys together. The generous hearts cross over to the light long beforeContinue reading “Beginnings, by Britta Benson”

She dare not complain, by Britta Benson

She dare not complain She dare not complain, her lungs not playing, she’s counting seconds, counting gaps, but this air has gone through too many bodies, dead and stale and she cannot breathe, not even quietly. Blossoms fall to the ground in a belligerent grump. How come they are allowed to make so much noise?Continue reading “She dare not complain, by Britta Benson”

Not a good day, by Britta Benson

Not a good day I’m vertical. Just. There’s a poem in the back of my head, too feared to come out. I went for a walk hoping the easterly winds would blow the words into my cold blue hands so that I could take a good close look at you and me. Our distilled truthContinue reading “Not a good day, by Britta Benson”