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Long before dawn, by Britta Benson

It’s snowing! Whenever there’s snow, I feel about five years old. Normally, I at least feel 12 1/2. Or 112. Changes so quickly. The snow started before dawn and I’m determined to make the most of it. Here’s my first snow poem of the day. Long before dawn Snow falls thick, light, fast. Black iceContinue reading “Long before dawn, by Britta Benson”


Found & Lost, by Britta Benson

A couple of days ago, I felt limp and low until the very moment dusk set in and suddenly, unexpectedly, changed the sky into a vibrant field of pink carnations, all swirling in the blushing pink sky and my mind dived right in there. This gift of an inspiring sunset made the whole rubbish dayContinue reading “Found & Lost, by Britta Benson”