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Farewell’s welcome, by Britta Benson

Farewell’s welcome Sea after sunset, last glimpse of dusk. The air cool now, empty, light. Sudden sense of blue, leaving, leaving, left, all traces wiped. Moon invites what does not belong to vanish in the ripples of this night. Room for the other half. Silver, subtle, ripe.

Farewell, by Britta Benson

This poem has been prompted by the Five Word Challenge on ‘The Procrastinators’ website. The five words were: Farewell, shower, protect, eye, blue. Farewell Farewell, fare badly, experience the lot. Sunshine and showers, autumn leaves and spring flowers, somewhere between bluebells and snowdrops, get lost, found, meander. Farewell, fare badly, wander, keep your eyesContinue reading “Farewell, by Britta Benson”