School day, by Britta Benson

Every day’s a school day – or so the saying goes. Here’s a poem on that theme. School day My garden breathes slower this sping. Some leaves hesitant, shy, unconvinced, tight little buds, slightly indecisive. Foxgloves, perennial survivors of old, this time last year they stood three foot high. Today, anxious groundlovers, scared of height,Continue reading “School day, by Britta Benson”

This is the time of year, by Britta Benson

I’ve got a gardening poem for you today, bit of a trip down memory lane. Then and now, life in all its layers. Sometimes it feels like time, too is layered, not linear. This is the time of year This is the time of year my dad would gather seed catalogues on our coffee table,Continue reading “This is the time of year, by Britta Benson”

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