The now and gone, by Britta Benson

I feel between times, tides and worlds right now. Here’s a wee poem I wrote on returning from a monthlong stay in Germany, in my childhood home, looking after my dad. The now and gone And I, between North and South, between day and night, not for me to judge. My bare summer feet touchContinue reading “The now and gone, by Britta Benson”

A ‘thanku’ to express my ‘grathaikude’

I enjoy making up new words. It’s one of the great privileges of being a human. I know plenty of people who keep telling me: ‘Oh, but everything has been said’. No, it hasn’t. And not by me. Anyway, we can always add to the list of what’s been said, of what can be expressed.Continue reading “A ‘thanku’ to express my ‘grathaikude’”

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