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Manual, by Britta Benson

Here’s my response to the five word challenge on the Procrastinators’ Weekly Writing Prompts: Imagine. You can find the full prompt post by clicking on this link: Words this week were: enclose, spell, advertize, permit, recognize. Manual Enclose soul, yours, always; don’t borrow heartstrings from others; grow your own, you can. Spell disaster, spellContinue reading “Manual, by Britta Benson”


New Year’s Eve Manual (2021 edition), by Britta Benson

New Year’s Eve and of course it’s raining in my part of Scotland. I’m quite happy to see 2021 go. It’s been a higgledy, piggledy kind of year. Lots of good, lots of bad, the pandemic only a small portion of the overall drama. Still, here we are. Safe, healthy, happy and always cautiously optimistic.Continue reading “New Year’s Eve Manual (2021 edition), by Britta Benson”

Extract, by Britta Benson

Hello poetry friends. Today I’ve got an ‘Extract from the ‘How not to live’ manual’ for you. I had fun writing it, but I believe an ‘Extract’ is quite enough. You’ll get the picture. Extract from the ‘How not to live’ manual I stare at the clouds, hoping they spell a message for me. IContinue reading “Extract, by Britta Benson”