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New Year Blues, by Britta Benson

First day of a new year and I’m scared to mess it up. This won’t last very long, but while it does, it’s uncomfortably annoying. Can’t wait for day two. Three. Eleven. New Year Blues This clean, pristine sheet of twenty twenty two looks nothing like me. No hiccups, no shipwrecks, not even an inkblotContinue reading “New Year Blues, by Britta Benson”


New Year’s Eve Manual (2021 edition), by Britta Benson

New Year’s Eve and of course it’s raining in my part of Scotland. I’m quite happy to see 2021 go. It’s been a higgledy, piggledy kind of year. Lots of good, lots of bad, the pandemic only a small portion of the overall drama. Still, here we are. Safe, healthy, happy and always cautiously optimistic.Continue reading “New Year’s Eve Manual (2021 edition), by Britta Benson”