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Some nights, by Britta Benson

Some nights Some nights, gone, some nights, I write about dreaming, gone, gone, grief, gone. Had an eye test today. What for? Your coats have not been moved. This is the middle, I was told. Some nights, I begin to open my arms and I empty time of whens, what ifs, nows, thens.

Pupa, by Britta Benson

Here’s my response to the micro season of ‘Leaf insects turn into butterflies’. You can find the full prompt and explanations over at Naturalist Weekly: I have always been fascinated by the process of caterpillars turning into butterflies. It seems such a totally impossible endeavour and still, we observe it again and again. IsContinue reading “Pupa, by Britta Benson”

learning by heart, by Britta Benson

learning by heart learning by heart, by hook and by crook, love, life, how to breathe, in my mother’s tongue, then in other tongues learning by heart how to beat, repeat, how to grow wings even if no-one sat down to teach you how it’s done learning by heart how not to be afraid ofContinue reading “learning by heart, by Britta Benson”

About more, by Britta Benson

Another wee musing. This time, about more. About more We become what we need, who we are not yet, our core, forever wild, forever seeking more, wildness, more, new, more of something, and if there isn’t any yet, we become, more, wildness, more, new, more more. We carry more. We always have. Patience, patience. WeContinue reading “About more, by Britta Benson”

Onion tears, by Britta Benson

My poem ‘Onion tears’ has just been published on MasticadoresIndia. You can check it out here: I love onion tears… here’s why! Onion tears I love onion tears, their source always clear, undisputed, undiluted, matter of fact, self explanatory. Not like sadness tears, silly sausage tears, confused confession tears, overwhelmed panic tears, angry frustrationContinue reading “Onion tears, by Britta Benson”

wild, by Britta Benson

Here’s my blackout response to yesterday’s Procrastinators’ Writing Prompts: Wild ( Bit of a coincidence. Let’s just call it serendipity. And yes, it’s another one of my ‘Orlando’ pages. I hope to complete this project by the end of this month. wild wild clasped words clouds of self mused, trailed, seemed to have partners, passedContinue reading “wild, by Britta Benson”

Spring Pulse, by Britta Benson

Here’s my response to Mark’s prompt, the micro-season of the first peach blossoms, on Naturalist Weekly. You can find the full prompt and a selection of haiku by clicking on this link: This moment of bud becoming blossom seems magical year upon year. I have seen many springs and it still surprises me howContinue reading “Spring Pulse, by Britta Benson”

Breathtaking in 14 words, by Britta Benson

Here’s my response to Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt. This week: ‘Breathtaking’ in 14 words ( Sea clicking clacking through shingle Here not here returning breath taking all sorrow a w a y

wild, by Britta Benson

A little update on where I am with my blackout poetry. I’ve finished my ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’ project, typed it all up, 172 poems, a whole novel blacked out, transformed into a reflection on ‘Love in Time’. Soon, I’ll edit this piece and then, I’ll published it. Still working out the practicalContinue reading “wild, by Britta Benson”

Wallflower, by Britta Benson

Here’s my response to this week’s W3 poetry challenge, set by Poet of the Week, David Bogomolny. The guideline: Write a poem from the perspective of an inanimate household object, using personification. You can find the full guidelines and David’s prompt poem here: So, a household object? Don’t ask why, but I chose myContinue reading “Wallflower, by Britta Benson”