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Sitting on a shingle beach, by Britta Benson

You’d think I’d written enough poems about sitting on a shingle beach by now. Apparently, I haven’t. I can’t really explain why, but the black shingle beaches on the Isle of Skye have done things to my soul I will be eternally grateful for. By the way, there are lovely white sandy beaches on SkyeContinue reading “Sitting on a shingle beach, by Britta Benson”


The Shingle Beach in Staffin, by Britta Benson

Most people, when they visit Staffin, go to the slipway where you can see the footprints of a family of dinosaurs at low tide. It’s a great spot. I prefer the other beach in Staffin, a little further to the north, marked only by a tiny wooden sign and then requiring another walk to getContinue reading “The Shingle Beach in Staffin, by Britta Benson”