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Love wintering, by Britta Benson

Love wintering Love wintering, flicking through old jotters full of thoughts, hibernating, perhaps hatching like dragon’s eggs. There’s promise in those darkened foolscap landscapes. Love wintering, communicating with past versions of my self, scribbling hush, hush notes for a louder future, breathing in the fairy dust of jaundiced pages, still smelling those well mature coffeeContinue reading “Love wintering, by Britta Benson”


Wintering, by Britta Benson

This little poem birthed itself while I was working on a longer piece today. So here’s my encore, my offcut. I like it a lot. Wintering Somewhere between that glacial lagoon and the storm beach one thought from here bumps into another from there. Most ideas compost themselves. Some however, return like sea glass. Hagstones.Continue reading “Wintering, by Britta Benson”