Chirpy, by Britta Benson

Picture credit: Andrew Benson

A little nature poem. I like writing tiny thumbnails, miniature pieces, capturing a moment in time. Today, I’m particularly proud using a picture my son took as image to go along with my poem.

We don’t often work hand in hand. He’s fifteen, so his usual subject matter goes more along the line of Zombie apocalypse than pretty nature photography. The picture you can see above was taken on a family walk along the shores of Loch Lomond. Let’s just say he was dragged along. The fresh air will do you good, I said. And it did. If I say so myself…


Eye to eye with that robin.

The cocky one on my garden fence.

His piercing black bead captures me whole.

‘You’d fit inside the palm of my hand’, I offer

from behind my living room window,

home of bravery.

‘I had you at hello’, he tweets.

Proper outdoor gigolo.

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