Thirty six views of Mount Fuji, by Britta Benson

Photo by Tomu00e1u0161 Malu00edk on

This poem was inspired by Hokusai’s series of landscape prints with the same title, produced between 1830 and 1832.

Thirty six views of Mount Fuji

In the foreground

too big for its own good,

fine wind, clear morning,

red Fuji.

Pushed to the sides,

this way and that,

far cries in Prussian blue.

Sunset, tea house, shop,

watermill, bay,



in the uncertainty

of a low horizon.

There, in the distance

dwarfed by a rogue wave,

three boats transporting fish

to the market,

spray falls like snow.

One mountain,

waiting for the end of time.




the emergency of the moment.


the longing of rock.

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