W3 Family

Photo by Robert Stokoe on Pexels.com

Last week, my poem ‘Family’ was chosen as the new prompt poem for the W3 Poetry Challenge on ‘The Skeptic’s Kaddish’. Here’s the link to the full blog post : https://skepticskaddish.com/2022/06/08/w3-prompt-6-weave-written-weekly/

Here’s my prompt poem.


Hopscotch gatherings of twice removed ties,

stubburn hearts strung, as the drunken crow flies.

Comings and goings, swift handshakes, goodbyes,

we harbour ghosts, truth, iridescent lies.

Hope never tires, surprise never dies.

Tidied mess? Work in progress? Compromise?

Hub of kindness, chances, crunch hugs and cries.

You’re welcome, want it or not, we’re the prize!

My guideline was simple: Use any of the words of my poem as prompt for yours.

The poems started to appear within hours and I was very curious as to which words would be used as titles. I expected ‘ghosts’, hoped for ‘kindness’ and really wished for a few ‘drunken crows’. Here are the result:

One game of ‘hopscotch’, two ‘drunken crows’, only one of them flies. Two ‘harbours’, one with resident ghosts. More ‘ghosts’ – apparently, ghosts are all the rage, some of them even came from the future! ‘Lies’, as you would expect. ‘Stubborn’, a core quality of all poets. ‘Goodbyes’, yes of course, part of life. ‘Or’, such a versatile word that deserves more attention. ‘Work in progress’ – the title of the poem I chose as next week’s prompt poem, because I loved it more and more with every reading.

I couldn’t help but make up a little something out of all of the poems. A W3 family tree, from my poem to yours. Thank you so much to everyone who took part. It feels good to be surrounded by so many wonderful poets sharing such intriguing words. That’s the kindness of creativity.

W3 Family

Hopscotch, ‘step one towards the end, ready to go’ (Lauren),

Stubborn, ‘just lend me a hand here’ (Aditi).

As the drunken crow flies, ‘we grow and fledge, take to the sky’ (Murisopsis),

‘between blue green crags of cave ceilings’ (Richard Braxton).

Goodbyes, ‘we hold on even when we need to let go’ (Michnavs).

We harbour ghosts, ‘your eyes closed’ (Steven S. Wallace),

‘whispered words that are not heard’ (A J Wilson),

‘and I wonder who among us is seeing clearly’ (Yewish Young Professional).

Lies, ‘splice them, spice them, break the rules’ (Paula Light).

Work in progress, ‘like tree branches arching, you will grow’ (Sarah David).

Or suggests relation; contrast; even… tension’ (David).

We’re the prize!

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