Casting off, by Britta Benson

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This is my response to Brian Vos’s Weekly Poetry Prompt. This week’s challenge: write a poem on the theme of ‘outcast’. Here’s the prompt link:

Trust me to take it farther. I started off by thinking ‘let’s turn it around’, no outcast, but ‘casting out’, like a fishing line, which, of course, brought me to my favourite thing, the sea.

Here goes. From outcast to casting out to casting off. Why not?

Casting off

On the edge of a new world,

a new life, day or moment,

feet safely ashore,

I’m looking out to the sea

and she simply won’t disappear,

despite my best efforts.

That water I don’t even touch,

moves me.

That sand I keep at a sole’s distance,

still carries me

as I breathe this liminal air

and I almost cross over.

My heart, ready to leap,

yet I’m clinging to this coastline,

to my fringe of possibilities,

my love, my fear,

that I dare not test.

On the edge of a new world,

a new life, day or moment,

casting off suddenly unimaginable.

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