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at dusk, by Britta Benson

Picture credit: Britta Benson

More blackout poetry. I’m a woman with a mission. I’m ploughing my way through ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’. This one, I did yesterday.

at dusk

love poetry
recited from memory

about to crumble into dust

wrapped in want

that very last moment
arrived early

10 thoughts on “at dusk, by Britta Benson

  1. This is turning into a wonderful anthology! Will you present the entire collection somewhere, sometime? And are you working your way through the book, or being quite random when you pick it up?

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    1. I move forward page by page, all the odd numbered pages. The pen bleeds through a little, so I can’t really do the back of the page. I might do the even numbered pages later, without actually colouring them in, just finding poems. Have done over 70 pages in just under a month. My plan is to publish ‘Love in Time’ in some way or another, once I’m finished. Not sure what the legalities are. Need to look into it, but right now I’m simply enjoying this project.

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      1. I have no worries about the copyright of the words, but I would like to scan in the blackout pages. My ‘dream’ would be to have my poem on the left page, then on the right page, the image of my blackout poem. I’ll definitely create a book like that for myself.


    1. I’m not worried about the copyright on the words. I would like to accompany my found poem with the image of the blackout page. I’m planning on scanning in all of the pages and I can see a copyright issue there. I have absolutely no idea what the legalities of that are. Will look into it at some point. Right now, I’m too busy creating.

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